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In the fleeting window of energy this morning:

I thought it’d be interesting to assess a period deep chemical sedation I’m about to embark on. Since my last visit to the orthodontist a few days back, I have been politely warned the coming weeks may be quite painful at times. There is no guarantee exactly how long, and the pain may come and go in waves but provided I commit to cranking this brace every other day and plow through this last barrier, I will certainly be safely out the other end some point next month. Given the inevitable dental migraines fro the coming weeks, one glaring fact presents itself.

I am going to have to self medicate generously, this could mean that I do happen to upload much over that period, I’ll probably spaced out as fuck. Being mindful of ones body chemistry, I will be cycling between different types of pain relief to minimise tolerance and or post treatment dependancy. I have a system of high strength CBD and caffeine during work days to remain lucid, but am bringing to find evenings are requiring a dreamlike state of sedation from much stronger means of pain intervention.

It could be a bit like recovering from Surgary, (from my experience), and from my experience was initially more pleasant that some holidays I’ve had, but if I do crank out any art over the coming weeks it’ll be interesting leaving this disclaimer here. Or it won’t.

I think I might roll out something more mindless and low commitment, worse case scenario I erase it at a later date and justify myself, clinically compromised somewhat as I currently am.

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