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Hertzog Wednesdays Week 4

Fata Morgana

This is the most challenging review I’ve had to write, and I have to confess that is because I scarlessly tuned into it, instead left it playing in the background feeling duty bound to get it done, while trying to organise a sling holiday, so my review is very much specific to the film from the context of actually organising a skiing holiday. I will attempt to stick it out again with the original German version.

There was a desert... that’s about all I can recall, not only was my mind all over the place when watching it, but since then I’ve ad chronic back pains, muscle pains, and now shifting back to the standard dental migraines that have occupied most of my free time the past two months. So on reflection at this fleeting moment of sentience I have to write this, I’m going to have to suspend Hertzog Wednesdays given it’s hard to commit to anything above the bare essentials these days, and that’s only gotten worse lately. Aside from much else, and good a director though he is, some of his early work doesn’t compliment migraines.

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