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Hamilton, and the edge.

Hello this is Martin Baker, passive chains.

And this, in case you where curious is a thing where I talk.

I have been doing this in blog format for some time, but I prefer spoken word for a number of reasons. There are sometimes musical elements, but that is a matter of when I have the time and inclination.

So, not that it matters now but I have mentioned in previous blogs about the pain management issues, and guess what, my brain function is still pretty hit and miss whenever I get the chance to sit and make note, but I still find the need to makes notes, because I dearly miss the ability to think out-load with some particular intention. It’s not so easy to do in regular conversation as I find my mind blanks frequently, or I tier from trying to talk in depth, where as with this medium I can at least take my time trying to finish each sentence, without the weight of commitment.

With that said: something I wanted to work towards with these entries is a mind map of my currant thinking, and specifically what I need to consider for where I need to take my professional practise next. This, admittedly has been a goal for over a year now, but I haven't quite felt like myself since last September, then I took some necessary time off of thinking much generally the past few months. With or without the brace it's probably been long overdue to take a holiday for my own mind so to speak, so I laid low, did a lot of yoga and got the customary Disney Plus subscription, I feel like I’m on the tail end of this phase.

Speaking of Disney Plus, we watched Hamilton the other night, which is one of those things, so elaborate and fine tuned, that it leaves me in a state of sensory paralysis, which is actually quite refreshing. It takes a lot for something on the TV to maintain your attention throughout these days, put that to short attention spans plus all the distractions of being in a shared living space, so it seemed quite significant that Hamilton kept the room in complete attention from beginning to end, no looking at smart phones, no chatter, just completely absorbed without effort. Maybe its just a musical thing, where it doesn’t allow a second going to waste, not a single second to get bored or distracted. This speaks to something about the kind of creative experience I’ve aspired to create, I like a well crafted thing, where as its often popular for an artist to say they prefer the authenticity of an underdog doing something gritty and punk, I appreciate that angle as well, but I love to marvel at a well oiled machine with all its fine tuned elements working in divine synchronicity.

I guess it’s not trendy to like that because it's not cool to like things that are inherently easy to like or be enjoyed. Unless its food or sex, but those things don’t depend on trends to be generally pursued. Hamilton was, like a number of films have been for me, a source of creative inspiration, not so much because of some pure or authentic creative vision, (there’s certainly nothing unique or groundbreaking about the plot of Star Wars), vision is entirely another matter, my inspiration comes from marvelling at the whole operation, all the talented, hard working individuals that make the components of something that when executed right, delivers a satisfying experience.

Partly I marvel, and perhaps envy the successes of such large scale collaborative efforts, when as an aspiring artist I’ve found nothing harder, then finding other people capable of committing to any collaborative proposal. I long for the opportunity to collaborate with other artists more, but it's hard to remain optimistic when having to depend on the commitment of others, my overwhelming experience with that, is that almost everyone is unreliable almost all of the time. It truly must be a precious thing to find someone of common interest who’s heart is in it as much as it is with you.

Needless to say the likes of Hamilton has the practical benefit of offering a guaranteed financial incentive for all contributors to commit they're A game, but the fundamental process it demonstrates remains the same, when people invest their collective time into a shared vision, it will at very least, earn a great deal of attention. And if that’s creating an immersive experience, I’m all on board. I don’t think that conceptually speaking, the craft and innovation of an individual, is any more or less invalid if they are partaking in a collaborative project, any more than where they going solo.

I have so far been going solo, and making the most out of that, but it is not a path I always take out of creative vision or choice, rather it’s just been the only option available.

So you know, I guess met closing sentiment is this: whatever your taste in art, theatre, music, film etc, know that if you are part of collective of people working towards a shared vision, whether lucrative or not, you have landed yourself an extremely valuable scenario to be in.

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