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Face grievances vol 298737

Short of ability to produce anything I’d deem substantial, I’ve resorted to standard writing. There’s been a problem with my brace the past few days, requiring me to head into London two weeks earlier than scheduled.

I have to admit if it hadn’t been for my treatment I probably wouldn’t find the subject of orthodontics particularly exciting, but having been so consumed by the experience lately is seems mostly all I have to talk about.

Maybe it’s an unlikely blessing, everyone seems to have been so preoccupied by various concerns or hang ups these days, perhaps my chronically predicable grievances grants me the simplicity in life I’ve long desired. Carful what you wish for they say, (i assume), they could say just about anything right now and I probably wouldn’t notice.

I promised myself going into the year to actively avoid planing, or frantically pursuing various tasks and objectives. At least until the time is right dive into a fast lane again. But I think my biggest obstacle currently, is the desperate anticipation of having this treatment behind me.

It’s hard to feel present and content, when the looming future waves promises of a life without dental migraines. But it isn’t now of course, it’s then, and then is so bloody well not now. So that’s leaves me with this again. Which is a bit shit, but I suppose it’s a sort of shit that I know, which means mostly everything else feels more incidental.

Pain is a funny thing, I wonder if relief from pain is the ultimate peak of existence. I’m not trying to sound profound, it’s not a new thing, it’s just a thing, which as I said, is consuming me.

Tune in next time for more of my face hurting.

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