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Dr Amirs suspension

I've copied and pasted my recent comments on trustpiloet regarding the suspension of my orthodontist, as I may have mentioned in previous posts, this treatment is a very significant Oman in my life, for reasons lauded out in the following letters, and that's why I've decided to copy them here, the significance could not be clearer in my own life and the rest of his patience.

'Tell us about your complaint'

I'm deeply concerned to learn about the suspension of Dr Amir, I testify as a patient in the later stages of his orthodontic treatment, (and needless to say one doesn't have to look far to be inundated with glowing testimonies of his work from his other patience.)

I sincerely hope you might observe the significance, such an impressive amount of accounts from those who have received his treatment, many accounting for a life changing experience, (myself included), that'd ought to at least warrant some acknowledgement in whatever process of deduction has been previously made to suspend him.

Given the level of efficacy this treatment presents itself to people who've experienced transformations of health that I have, and the increasing public notoriety of long term health complications where such a scarcity of treatment is available, (god knows it took me some searching before I was fortunate enough to discover Amirs practise), I beg for the GDCs reasoning on this matter.

To name but a few points in my own experience that I would like a reasoned answer to, if an attempt is made to justify this suspension,

I have already (as a prior to 'mouth breather') experienced a huge improvement to nasal breathing.

Improvements to focus and concentration that where very noticeable within weeks of beginning the treatment.

An unmistakable difference to appearance.

And I'm weeks away from having a complete bite for the first time in living memory.

Please make note that prior to discovering Amirs practise, I had gone out of my way to seek help for an escalating series of dental and jaw issues. After a lot of prompting from myself, my then dentist referred me to the orthodontic department at William Harvey, I was then told that I could receive jaw surgery, but was assured that such a procedure "would purely be for aesthetic reasons".

Let me just clarify, this is what I was told after several years questioning a series of dismissive dentists, after having an orthodontic brace as a child, which aside from some fleeting aesthetic benefit then, did, to use a informal clinical term: bugger all.

This is what I was told, considering all my recent health benefits I've previously outline from Amirs treatment and advice.

It doesn't require much medical knowledge for a lowly patient like myself to be justifiably alarmed by the profound inconsistency from the status quo that has been presented to me, all in purist of getting the help I needed, and so it's only inevitable that this recent suspension does not sit well at all, aside from being a huge personal disappointment for myself, for his other patience and his practise.

'What should be done?'

I would imagine by now my answer to this is fairly predictable.

I would like to resume my treatment with Amir ASAP.

I would also quite like an explanation, but I will gladly settle for the immediate effect of the prior happening.

Entry 2:

I have been shocked by the recent suspension of Amirs practise by the GDC, and equally moved to have read so many compelling testimones from his other potencies in wake of this.

I hope the GDC have already seen my previous entry and formal complaint about this suspension, but I'd like to reiterate myself as a patient for three years who is currently undergoing a significant phase of orthodontic treatment.

The vast majority of my experience with dentists and orthodontist prior to discovering Amirs practise, has been pretty damn grim.

1. childhood braces/tooth removals that served little more than some very fleeting aesthetic improvement.

2. A series of shody fillings, all of which Amir has subsequently fixed, this after several dentists insisted they where fine, these dismissive dentists where empirically wrong, and where it not for Amirs intervention, I would be paying the price.

3. An unnecessary repetition of x-rays carried out by separate dentists I approached, that served no purpose in said dentists already false deductions.

4. Prior to Amirs treatment, (and after much prompting from myself about my escalating tooth/jaw issues), my then dentist referred me to William Harvey orthodontic department, where I was told my only available option was jaw surgery, and it was insisted that such a procedure would be "purely for aesthetic reasons".

I'm sure anyone who's received Amirs treatment, who's been a heavy mouth breather with a narrow jaw, will find this advice I got regarding Surgary shocking.

Make no mistake, thanks to Amirs work and guidance, my breathing has radically improved, and the overall health benefits that have been observed so far by such treatment, most especially and undeniably evident in his treatment, of which I am immensely grateful to have the privilege and good fortune to have become a recipaint.

I'd long suspected something wasn't quite right with my teeth, my jaw, my breathing, my posture, and more besides. I have since discovered just how interconnected these issues where, by how significantly they've dissolved away during the treatment.

With such a crucial phase of this treatment still underway, and such a low confidence in the apparent status quo of detrimental interventions that had been presented to me prior to discovering Amirs practise, it is shocking, and highly depressing to learn about this recent suspension.

Anyone of sound mind who's had my experience, with everything that's at steak here for all who're concerned, should appreciate why I am beyond demanding an explanation.

It is only right that the head of the GDC resigns, or is removed, an apology is given to Dr. Amir, to his patiences, and at the immediate authorisation for him to continue his work.

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