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I normally record my journal entries and post them out of idol self interest, or rather maintaining a good practise, depending how you want to look at it.

This week I’ve resorted back to text format as I’ve got some viral stress/ulcer/soar throat thing. I’ve lived in my body long enough to know intuitively what’s going on there, alas this week it’s been another unforeseen obstacle in finishing with the jaw expanding appliance. It was only the later half of today I began to feel on the mend again from inflammation, and I haven’t dared expand my appliance since last Monday. So much for my mid June estimate, it now joins the ranks of my late may estimate, which joins the ranks of my ‘probably some time in April’ estimate, which joins the ranks of: “it’ll probably be out by mid February”.

So clearly I need to abandon predictions for my own sanity. I’m just a tad anxious now (on top of every other negative feeling), that summer is nearing full swing and I can still barley manage much socialising. (A few hours max, and that’s on a relatively good day).

What I might do is set myself a different sort of target, say three more turns, (however long that takes me), then if it still isn’t there, I’ll wait for the pain to ease and take the damn thing out.

The worst case scenario is I might need some other appliance put in to correct it, which is pretty much what was going to happen anyway. It won’t, given the nature of this positioning, compromise the bulk of the work. I’ve given over half a year now to this expansion process, and I’m not going to recall what that’s involved, I need a vacation, and I can’t think of anything more luxurious that experiencing 24 hours without the need for pain killers.

I suppose you could regard this as an announcement, well I know I’m more likely to stick to the grounds I’ve set myself if I make the information public domain, so consider that set in stone. Roll on July.

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