Martin Baker


Martin has developed a practise through a series of local exhibits, art fairs, murals commissions and event decor. Currently pursuing more audio visual material (@passivechains) for application with live performance potential, working more with music visuals, and digital/video mediums for screening and installations.

A general enthusiast of human health based sciences, which informs the practise in various ways. 

 Q: Is the gesture of the line from you as the artist.. or the representation of the depicted?

A:"It’s always felt like a subconscious representation of information in general, in as much as a means of sorting/navigating information, internal and external. If it’s visual information that everyone recognises, (eg depicting a person), then I suppose I’m attempting to convey the familiar in my own subconscious hierarchy of sensory information. I find I’m inclined internally to dial things down to some functional/mechanical essence. But that natural mechanism I’ve observed (like a computer) is constantly sorting sensory information into binary camps to make sense of it."

MA Fine Art                                    (UCA Canterbury)

NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner   (Training Excellence)  

BA Music and Visual Art            (University of Brighton) 


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