Martin Baker

Fine artist working across drawn and digital media, commonly featuring a particular, graphical abstract visual language, Martin developed his practise culminating expressive drawing methods and other complimentary experiments around music and video.


This was informed greatly from notions pertaining to synesthesia and the nature of communication, particularly in regards to the internalisation of sensory information,  most lately this train of thinking has manifested through concepts of binary mechanisms and an increased facnination with many health related issues. 

Over to course of years Martin has developed his practise through a series of local exhibits, art fairs, murals and event decor, being particularly keep to progress his video material episodically for eventual live performance potential, music visuals, and other such video based public installations. 

Martin is currently developing a presentation with 'Persuasive Adaptation' as a working title, this forms part of an alumni group event that will also sever as the test bed for further academic study. This is expected to be completed and available online by December 2020. 

MA Fine Art                                    (UCA Canterbury)

NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner   (Training Excellence)  

BA Music and Visual Art            (University of Brighton) 


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